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Monday, June 28, 2010

final results

We did it!
After all the months of planning and training, our Triathlon has come and gone.
It has been a crazy 2 days of racing, and as each day began at 4 am...we all are pretty tired.

 I did have to show a few pictures...so bare with me on the "photo album" to follow:)

Before the race we had to get Body Markings.
Ben and Corben are still "wearing" theirs.
They told me permanent marker doesn't come off in the shower.
I don't know how hard they tried to wash the numbers off:)

My 3 are in that gong-show somewhere.
Everyone had to find their appropriate Heat for the swim.
There were hundreds of kids, and with 4 to a Heat, it made for quite the show.
Ben is in the yellow swim cap;)

I finally found him sitting in the middle of it all.
He was in Heat 24, so his wait was about a half hour.
I kept wondering what was going through all their minds:)

Ben, running from the pool after his swim to the Transition Area.

Corben- getting ready to bike after his swim.

Molly- going out on her bike after her 500m swim.
She then had 10km to go.....

Her 1st lap...5km left to go!

Ben- coming in to the finish after
100m Swim
5km Bike
1km Run


Corben- heading off on his last leg of the race.
Swim- 150m
Bike- 5km
Run- 2km


Molly on her last segment of the race...
Swim 500m
Bike 10km
Run 4km


All 3 finished and were still smiling at the end.
They're talking of doing it again next year:)

was race day for the "older" people.
Adam and I left at 5am and got to the race location, unloaded our bikes, got our body markings (which HAVE come off already:),  and then waited.
I kept thinking it was crazy for Adam to race today. He had spent all of Saturday in Calgary at a Rowing Regatta....had raced a couple times there, had hardly slept and hadn't eaten because it was so hot the day before.
Not only that, a week before the Triathlon, the organizer called me and mentioned he had been put in too young of a group, and would now be bumped up to race with the adults. That meant that the distances he had been training for were all wrong. He had much farther to go in each part of the race.
But nothing seemed to bother him.
Of course. He's 15.
I didn't get to see him race as I was out there too, but everyone told me he was grinning through the whole thing.
He's coming back in from his 20km bike here, after swimming 750m- something he had only done once before.
Then he was on to the 5km run...
....and sprinted through the FINISH LINE!

He was still smiling at the end.

Then there was my Team:
My sister doing the Swim....
and then running to transition to tag me for the Bike.

Me heading out on the bike....
and coming back in.

Our runner:

And our FINISH!:
Mel  ~  Jodie  ~   Me

We placed 2nd in all female teams.
(My sister placed 1st overall in the Swim~ WAY TO GO SIS!)

Phew! If you made it through that album- YOU deserve a medal!

It was a great, tiring, nerve-wracking, fun-filled weekend.
And yes- we will all do it again.
The End...
(until next time.)


LindyLou said...


Sheree said...

Wow! You guys all did awesome! Best of all, it looks like everyone really had a great time. LOVE the photo's of it all Dawn, it's the next best thing to being there!

Dawn said...

Thanks you guys...we did have a really great time!
(Lindy Lou....maybe one day we'll get to the Tri where you live;) Can you imagine?:))

LindyLou said...

That would be great Dawn!!!!