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Monday, June 7, 2010

Molly and Me

We watched these blooms open up.

Visited the Farmers Market in town and then had lunch at a Tea House.
This Tea House has the largest cinnamon buns I have ever seen.
My niece and mom came along and we shared a pot of 
 Lavender Green Tea.

We had time to Swing on our porch swing.

(Arika, Molly, my Sister, Mom)
Sunday morning, all us girls had breakfast in the gazebo at mom's.

(steel cut oat~ Blueberry Scones...
recipe will be a later post- DELICIOUS!)
The boys walked in from their camping trip Sunday evening.
Guess what they brought me??
4 garbage bags of smokey laundry:)
Molly and I liked our weekend.

1 comment:

natsu said...

Nice view,nice gazebo and nice people!
I'm sure you had a good time.
And swing on the porch! I envy you!!