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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

s'more weekend

Seems like all I did was eat and absorb sunshine this weekend.
I did go for a long bike and a walk down my road...but yep- other than that.......

There was Greek Food with a friend. My absolute favorite kind of food, until I eat another yummy meal of something~anything else.
(I think I just love all food!)
Tonight I had to try to make it at home, I still wanted more Greek.

Saturday:  BBQ Salmon with grilled avocado. It IS quite good!

And then that night I decided I had worked hard and long all week to deserve chocolate.
Along with graham cookies and marshmallows, the chocolate caramel squares were melted.
And created: A Divine S'more. In my eyes anyway:)
Served with Blackberry Dessert Wine.
By candlelight.
Outside on my deck upstairs very close to a zillion stars.

I enjoyed them so much, I had to include the kids Sunday night on the back patio.....

I don't usually like s'mores. But for some reason I felt a need to celebrate all the blue sky.
And it's good I did. We are back to gray and rain today...and more tomorrow.
How much can one take of this weather?????

Bring on the s'mores!
(next time we are going to try making them with homemade chocolate chocolate chip cookies.....)

Happy eating:)
Now I need a good long run.......


Anonymous said...

Oh Dawn! Look at your backyard and all those trees! All that privacy...how wonderful! The food looks especially yummy. I love Greek food too, actually like you...I love food! lol

I'm glad to hear you got at least a little sun and hope it returns quickly this time!

ps...I'm sending you an email with a link.....after reading and seeing your s'mores post, I just have to! ;)

pig parade said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm s'mores yummy....