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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Berry

My Strawberries have arrived.

After all our work...we have fruit.

I happen to think strawberries are one of the
nicest things about summer.

Strawberries have an awful lot of potential.
They can be so many things....
strawberry shortcake, strawberry pie, strawberry salad, strawberry jam, strawberry yogurt, strawberries and cream, strawberry cheesecake, strawberry smoothies, strawberry muffins, strawberry mousse, strawberry tea, strawberry custard....
and of course, just a simple little strawberry on its own has great potential.


[More information on The Strawberry
can be found here: strawberry blog  ]


Sheree said...

Nice! I vote for Strawberry Pie and Strawberry's with cream! We have one strawberry plant in our garden that Jack insisted on getting. I'm thinking no fruit is going to be happening any time soon on it though..:/

Madison said...

You sound like that dude in Forest Gump going on about his shrimps except with strawberries. :p

Honestly, I've stopped eating strawberries this month because of the all the talk about pesticides and chemicals. Also, I miss the days when my dad use to grow them and they were small but delicious. The giant strawberries the size of a plum scares me. I am so jealous of your home grown berries.