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Friday, June 18, 2010

Things That made me SMILE~~

Well...that was a long week! I truly can't even remember Monday....
 To make it a wee bit longer, I have now been up for 24 hours and am so wired I can't sleep. (No, not insomnia. Just had to work the "night shift":)
My silly, over-tired brain won't shut off, so~~~ here I sit. 
I think I may just share the things that made me smile over the past 4/5 days.
As the week is still not quite over, I may be able to add to this list- but the top 5 so far, in no paricular order, are as follows:
The following conversation between my oldest son(15) and my youngest(8)....

"15"(My factual son):
"Did you know that 5 years ago was the year 10's of millions of Painted Butterflies migrated over our province? It was the largest  Painted Butterfly migration recorded yet."
"8"(My thinker and absorber):
"Wow. "(pause) "Really?"(longer pause...then chin rests on hand and he looks a little puzzled.)
"I wonder who painted them?"

Waking up at 5am to a choir of birds and an entire rainbow.....instead of the usual woodpecker on the metal siding outside my window.

Driving through town and seeing a couple in their 70's (at least), doing a paper route together. She was holding the handle of the wagon which held the stacks of papers to be delivered, waiting for him to cut the tie on the next bundle of papers.
{They might have been covering the route for the grandkids- I like to think the route is theirs and they decided to do it for something 'out of the ordinary' and fun to do together.}
I hope that is me and my hubby one day!

Hearing this comment from Ben:
"Hey Molly, did you see the fridge this morning? I thought we were leaving on a holiday it was so empty."
(I DID "re-stock"it later that day after a trip to Costco- really.)

Seeing this front door on a house which was painted like this:

I know- it's all very simple. But it made me smile:)
Hoping you had lots to smile at this week.
Happy weekend!


natsu said...

Little,simple happy things make our lives "smile-ful" !!:D I've started thinking that way since my son was born.
Lovely rainbow and cute front door!!
oh,I liked the story about your boy bringing you some flower! It is lovely.

Sheree said...

Does the polka dot door belong to a polka dot house?
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend Dawn!
Sheree :)